The two largest rivers in the municipality of Jajce, Pliva river and Vrbas river, provide outstanding conditions for fishing in this part of Bosnia.


Pliva river

This river goes trough Jajce, Jezero and Šipovo and is 23 km long. In Šipovo flows one of the largest tributaries, namely the Janja river. The upper part of the Pliva river (from the source till the center of Šipovo) is excellent for fly fishing. Most of the flow is very affordable and it’s possible to fish from the shore.

Pliva river in Jajce, especially on the Big and Small Pliva lake, provides opportunities for all types of fishing.

In the river Pliva you’ll find trout, grayling, carp, tench, catfish and other species of white fish.

Vrbas river

The Vrbas runs along the main road (M-5) linking up Donji Vakuf-Jajce-Banja Luka. The upper part of the river, from Doganovaca to Jajce, contains a typical salmonid water with lots of brook trouts and graylings and in smaller number nases, barbels and chubs. Around the hydroelectric “Jajce II” the quantity of the cyprinid fish increases.

Fisheries management, issuing of fishing licenses, a part of cleaning and maintenance of rivers in the municipality of Jajce is under the responsibility of the sports fishing company “Zlatovčica”.

Sport fishing

Fishing waters managed by S.R.U. “Zlatovčica” Jajce are salmonid and cyprinid. To catch the fishes, you must use a sport fishing equipment. All anglers must comply with the Act on Freshwater Fisheries (cf. Official Gazette FBiH No. 64/04) and the rules concerning the regulations of the number of fishes.


Fishing is allowed only if you have a license. There are annual and daily licenses, which are delivered by the fishing company “Zlatovčica”.

The fisherman who’s catch being fishing without licence will be punished by the competent Ministry.


Cost of license



Seniors: 100 KM

Juniors: 50 KM

Cadets: 20 KM

Retirees / pensioners and invalids: 50 KM


Fishing salmonids: 20 KM

Fishing cyprinids: 10 KM