Sports Adventures in Royal Town of Jajce

Sports enthusiasts seeking an out of the ordinary vacation and the chance to interact with nature are flocking to the Royal Town of Jajce. Jajce is tucked away in time in the central region of Bosnia Herzegovina. Just two and a half hours from urban, international Sarajevo, this walled medieval city has existed for centuries and retains much of its old world charm.


Let’s Go Biking

Jayce is a small town, making it an ideal destination for people who enjoy biking. There are over 31 miles of trails, ranging from beginner level to “black diamond”. Take a quick 3-mile ride from the center of Jajce and you’ll be rewarded with quite a surprise. You’ll find a storybook village filled with small huts. The huts contain small water mills that allowed farmers to harness the water power of Pliva Lakes.

Although the mills are no longer operating, they provide a scenic and nostalgic look into the past. Park you bicycle and luxuriate in the natural beauty that surrounds you.

Do You Love Mountain Climbing?

Jayce is ringed by a magnificent mountain range filled with meadows, pastures, and an abundance of gorgeous trees and plants. Navigating your way when you’re mountain climbing is pleasure thanks to well-marked and well-maintained trails.

Hum Mountain is a particular favorite among visitors. Its magnificent cliffs are demanding to get to: you’ll need to hike for a minimum of three hours to before you arrive at your destination.

Wishing for Fishing?

You don’t need a boat for fishing in the Royal Town of Jajce. Along the banks of the Pliva River, you can fish from shore for prize catches including:

· Trout

· Catfish

· Grayling

· Carp

If you prefer in-water fishing, you’re in luck. Boats can be rented easily. For those who may be new to the sport, local fishing guides can show you the way. Wherever you fish, be aware that a fishing license is required. Nothing sinks the fun on a fishing boat faster foot coverings that can’t withstand the challenges of dirt and water. Sports enthusiasts don’t have to ruin their street shoes, however. It’s important to know the difference between water shoes and water sandals. Open-toed water sandals are designed for people who don’t want to feel stones under their feet and/or who need more support than provided by a simple flip-flop. Water shoes are the next step up, providing significantly more traction and protection. Water shoes have closed toes This keeps your feet safe from stubbed toes, torn toenails, and other common foot mishaps. They are also the answer to the problem of squishy feet. The shoes are made of special mesh fabrics that don’t absorb water and the open side design allows excess water to drain easily. Since their focus is function, not form, most water shoes would not be winners in a footwear beauty pageant.  Today, a wonderful option known as water shoes are taking the worry out of being wet when you’re vacationing in the Royal Town of Jajce and enjoying outdoor activities such as:

· Fishing on Pliva Lake

· Kayaking on the River Vbras

· Canyoning on the Ugar River

· Hiking and biking on wet terrain