Rafting and Canoeing


Jajce also offers an exciting and adventurous rafting program. Local associations provide the equipment and the skippers.

The rafting on the Vrbas River begins from a village called Vinac and ends at the waterfall in Jajce. Total length of the course is 12 km. Vrbas River has a canyon and is much more challenging and “wilder” than the Pliva river.

Kayak and Canoe

At the Pliva lake you can do some watersports: kayaking, canoeing and rowing. The tradition of these sports is associated with the exceptional quality of this lake : its geo-strategic position and its High-density of water provide excellent conditions for preparing before big competitions, championships, Olympics, etc. The depth of the lake is important – around 33-35 meters deep – and uniform, which means that it’s really suitable for preparing stable trajectories. Moreover the Great Lake never freezes sothat the trainings and the tourist trips are still possible during the wintertime.

The main road runs along the entire length of the Great Pliva lake, and several spacious car parks facilitate the access to multiple sites, both for tourists and for competitors. The 6th water sports world championship (canoë and kayac) were held there in 1963. Over 500 athletes from 22 countries took part in it. This was an unprecedented event for a world-class competitions. Thanks to a successful organization, people go on welcoming competitions in different categories. The Pliva Lakes also offer a competitive use of eco-boats without a motor, because they have a considerable ecological meaning.