Jajce got it’s 26.th nacional monument

State ctories aktuelno varosomitee for protection of cultural and historical monuments B&H registered building in street Varos nr. 11 (old traditional Filipovic family house) as national monument. The building is placed in one of the oldest Jajce streets, Varos, which started to be populated in second half of 16.th century. In this street there was a lot of different handycraft stores.aktuelno varos

Filipovic family house represents historical and architecture significance.



Located in a beautiful natural ambiency under the bosnian hills, just nearby the shore of the Great Pliva Lake. Hotel is only 5 km away from the centre of the town, and operates as businnes unit of hotel “Turist 98” placed in the centre of Jajce


Capacities of the hotel:

  • 66 beds (single, double, three and four bed rooms)
  • restaurant (capacity 100 sitting places)
  • balcony with 200 sitting places
  • Conference hall (30 sitting places)
  • Children’s playground
  • Rent-a-boat offer


The Temple of the god Mithra is again open to visitors

Temple of the god Mithra The Temple of the god Mithra is the oldest monument of Jajce, and therefore the most valuable. Given the type of coins and lamps that were found in the temple, it is assumed that the monument dates from the early 4th century PCN.

The Temple of the god Mithras was made in a cave. There is an altar on which is carved into the rock the god Mithra at the time of the ritual sacrifice of a bull, surrounded by symbols of darkness and light.