Hotel “TURIST 98”

Hotel "TURIST 98"Hotel “Tourist ’98” is located in the city center on the left bank of the Pliva river and has beautifull view on medieval fortress in Jajce.


The hotel has the following capacities:


60 beds
Restaurant with winter terrace (350 seats)
Pastry (70 places)
Conference room with 80 seats
Meeting room for 20 seats

Additional sservices:

    • Rent-a-car
    • Tourism info centre
    • Bank
    • supermarket
    • Dentist office
    • Haircut saloon
    • Parking

Youth Hostel – Jajce

The Jajce Youth Hostel is located on ‘Stjepan Tomasevic 11’ street. This street leads to the ‘Pliva Lakes’ which are 3km away from the hostel.
the hostel itself is right next to the river Pliva and has a beautiful view. The distance between the hostel and the bus station is 300 meters.
We offer sight-seeing downtown with professional guides, and one-day trips to the source of the river Pliva and near to the city of Travnik.
With our associates, we offer hiking, cycling, fishing and kayaking on the Vrbas river, and we also rent boast for fishing.



2-bed, 3-bed, 8-bedded room and private double rooms
Free use of internet (Wireless connection)
Free linens and towels
Large living room with cable television
Working hours of the reception from 00:00 to 24.00
Free parking in hostel yard
Charge for parking in garage
Bike renting
Camping area
Renting of a mobile phone with a prepaid card
Check-in to the hostel from 00:00 to 24:00 and the checkout by 11:30

Rafting and Canoeing


Jajce also offers an exciting and adventurous rafting program. Local associations provide the equipment and the skippers.

The rafting on the Vrbas River begins from a village called Vinac and ends at the waterfall in Jajce. Total length of the course is 12 km. Vrbas River has a canyon and is much more challenging and “wilder” than the Pliva river.

Kayak and Canoe

At the Pliva lake you can do some watersports: kayaking, canoeing and rowing. The tradition of these sports is associated with the exceptional quality of this lake : its geo-strategic position and its High-density of water provide excellent conditions for preparing before big competitions, championships, Olympics, etc. The depth of the lake is important – around 33-35 meters deep – and uniform, which means that it’s really suitable for preparing stable trajectories. Moreover the Great Lake never freezes sothat the trainings and the tourist trips are still possible during the wintertime.

The main road runs along the entire length of the Great Pliva lake, and several spacious car parks facilitate the access to multiple sites, both for tourists and for competitors. The 6th water sports world championship (canoë and kayac) were held there in 1963. Over 500 athletes from 22 countries took part in it. This was an unprecedented event for a world-class competitions. Thanks to a successful organization, people go on welcoming competitions in different categories. The Pliva Lakes also offer a competitive use of eco-boats without a motor, because they have a considerable ecological meaning.

Cycling and bicycle paths

Cycling and bicycle paths

Over 50 km of bike paths in a wonderful environment will delight cycling lovers. Cycling is for a long time a good way for the tourist to visit the Pliva valley, and many enthusiast cyclists come and enjoy the beauty of our natural landscape. According to them, it’s hard to say which path is the most beautiful ! But they all agree that the experience of cycling in the Pliva valley is unique.

Here are 5 bicycle paths that we recommend you to do :

Route 1 –  5 km: Jajce (hotel Turist 98) – Brana – small Pliva Lake

Route 2 – 3,8 km: Jajce (Eko Pliva) – Mračaj – small Pliva Lake Jezero

Route 3 – 10 km: Small Pliva Lake  – Big Pliva Lake – Jezero

Route 4 – 10 km : Jajce – Lucina – SIBENIC – Jajce (mountain category)

Route 5 – 22 km : Jajce – Bravnice – Vinac – Jajce

The Franciscan monastery of Saint Luke opened a gift shop, the “king room” and workshops

On the occasion of the opening was organized a rich cultural program in which were involved students from the music departement of the primary school in Jajce, members of the folk ensemble “Muslim Cultural Society Rebirth”, the gardians of the traditional customs of the old town of Jajce, Folklore Friends, John Jezerčica who was playing simultaneously  three traditional instruments. Kata Jezerčica and Tahir Music presented and described the traditional catholic and muslim costumes from Jajce.

Guided tour of Jajce cultural-historical monuments

katakombeWe offer a daylong tour of the cultural and historical monuments of Jajce led by professional tour guides. The tour lasts for two hours and includes the following sites : Underground church / Catacombs – Church of St. Mary (Fethija Mosque) with St. Lucas tower – the temple of the god Mithras – Jajce Fortress – Omer bey´s and Krslak house (traditional old style bosnian houses) – Dizdar, Sinan-Bey and Sultan-Esma Mosque – Museum of AVNOJ and the famous waterfall.
muzej avnoj
You can also visit in Jajce and in the area (not included in the tour): – Water Mills on the Pliva lake, St. John´s church in Podmilacje, “King’s grave”, Franciscan Monastery and the Catholic Church of Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholic Cemetery, Partisan cemetery, Ethno museum in Jajce.
Note: The languages of our guides are local as well as English, German, Spanish and also available for Italian speakers is a tourist guide in the local language with an Italian translator.

Jajce got it’s nacional monument

State ctories aktuelno varosomitee for protection of cultural and historical monuments B&H registered building in street Varos nr. 11 (old traditional Filipovic family house) as national monument. The building is placed in one of the oldest Jajce streets, Varos, which started to be populated in second half of century. In this street there was a lot of different handycraft stores.aktuelno varos

Filipovic family house represents historical and architecture significance.



Located in a beautiful natural ambiency under the bosnian hills, just nearby the shore of the Great Pliva Lake. Hotel is only 5 km away from the centre of the town, and operates as businnes unit of hotel “Turist 98” placed in the centre of Jajce


Capacities of the hotel:

  • 66 beds (single, double, three and four bed rooms)
  • restaurant (capacity 100 sitting places)
  • balcony with 200 sitting places
  • Conference hall (30 sitting places)
  • Children’s playground
  • Rent-a-boat offer


The Temple of the god Mithra is again open to visitors

Temple of the god Mithra The Temple of the god Mithra is the oldest monument of Jajce, and therefore the most valuable. Given the type of coins and lamps that were found in the temple, it is assumed that the monument dates from the early 4th century PCN.

The Temple of the god Mithras was made in a cave. There is an altar on which is carved into the rock the god Mithra at the time of the ritual sacrifice of a bull, surrounded by symbols of darkness and light.