Hotel “TURIST 98”

Hotel "TURIST 98"Hotel “Tourist ’98” is located in the city center on the left bank of the Pliva river and has beautifull view on medieval fortress in Jajce.


The hotel has the following capacities:


60 beds
Restaurant with winter terrace (350 seats)
Pastry (70 places)
Conference room with 80 seats
Meeting room for 20 seats

Additional sservices:

    • Rent-a-car
    • Tourism info centre
    • Bank
    • supermarket
    • Dentist office
    • Haircut saloon
    • Parking


Located in a beautiful natural ambiency under the bosnian hills, just nearby the shore of the Great Pliva Lake. Hotel is only 5 km away from the centre of the town, and operates as businnes unit of hotel “Turist 98” placed in the centre of Jajce


Capacities of the hotel:

  • 66 beds (single, double, three and four bed rooms)
  • restaurant (capacity 100 sitting places)
  • balcony with 200 sitting places
  • Conference hall (30 sitting places)
  • Children’s playground
  • Rent-a-boat offer